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Less waste,
more sales

Benefits for supermarkets and suppliers

Reduces returnes and waste
Minimizes environmental impact
HH.RR. management in store
Margin and sales increase
Of food that enters a retailer ends up as waste
0 %
Only 2% of what is not sold ends up being donated​
CO2 emission used to produce 1 kg of food is equivalent to a car traveling 14 kilometres.​

Why do we do it?

We want to create effective solutions to decrease food waste and tranform the industry to be more sustainable, efficient and profitable.

How it works?

Solves traceability using a GS1 certified data bar and without reprocessing.

Uses data analysis to suggest the best action in store to maximize profits and minimize waste.

Generates alerts and actions for employees in store.


Cost of waste by store, category and product

Action alerts for improvement

Waste cost estimation in real time

HHRR managemet through KPIs

Mobile interface

Customized reports

Specific actions by SKU

Real time stock information

Reduce food waste and make a better world

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