Benefits for supermarkets
and suppliers

Reduces returns and waste

Improves store personnel management

Minimizes social and environmental impact

Improves industry margins

Of the food that enters a supermarket ends up as waste
0 %
Only 2% of what is NOT sold is donated
The CO2 emission used for one kg of wasted food is equal to that of a car driving 14 km
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Why do we do it?

At Savetic we are passionate about generating effective solutions to reduce food waste and transform the industry to be more sustainable

How does it Work?

Resolves in-store expiration traceability with a GS1-certified code

Uses data analysis and predictive algorithms to suggest actions to be taken to maximize profits and minimize food waste

Generates alerts and tasks for in-store stockers


Cost of food waste by branch, category and product

Action alerts for improvement opportunities

Realtime waste cost estimation

HR management through KPIs

Mobile Interface

Customized reports

Specific actions to be taken by SKU

Stock information in realtime