What is Savetic

It is a new digital platform that solves food waste in retail.

SaveTic is an Argentine startup that allows, through a digital platform, to control the stock and expiration of perishable products at points of sale in real time.

Those who work with this type of products in supermarkets know the problems they face: expiration dates, food that is thrown away, logistical problems and costs for the return to the producer.

Food that ends up as waste
In Argentina, 4.8% of the perishable food that enters a supermarket is thrown away, and only 2% of the food that is not sold is donated.
Using the SaveTic platform, food waste can be reduced easily and in the short term. The application collaborates with the task of the replenisher, and, if necessary, suggests promotions (finding the right price before expiration) to minimize waste, and ultimately encourages donations.

How does SaveTic work?
The implementation is very simple: it uses the Hardware available in the companies (producers and Retail), for traceability it uses an existing code, certified by GS1, and the platform focuses on providing a simple and friendly experience for the end user.

How was SaveTic born?
Two Argentine entrepreneurs who have worked with Retail have become aware of this problem. Mauricio Kremer, who knows from the inside the work of food producers, dealt for years with the expiration of products, which were then returned, generating high costs and logistical problems.
Maximiliano Dicranian contributed his knowledge as an Industrial Engineer (ITBA) to develop a simple and efficient application.
Together they completed an MBA at IAE Business School and, sharing the vision of minimizing the impact of food waste, they joined forces to create SaveTic.

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